5 Camp

It was a lot nicer sleeping inside. And, since Mom and Dad slept in, I didn’t get woken up by breakfast being made. I just got up and had a few Pop-Tarts. Then, for lack of anything to do, I walked over to Cabin 5. Sierra was there. So was I think Dave, Erin, and Grandma, maybe Dan, and we all drew stuff. Dan’s really bad at drawing. Sierra, at 4 years, has a unique style where the person’s head is way bigger than their body and instead of hair they have a handle that looks like a sock connected seamlessly to their head. Everyone wears lipstick. Little kids’ drawings are always interesting to look at.

I got out and walked around some. Nobody was going out: Dad was busy making some “cabbage rolls” and nobody else seemed to feel like it. Eventually Dad got Mom to tend to the rolls and took Micah and me to the Gull Rocks. Well, I drove. So I took us. Dad was too beered to drive. I angled us in no problems. The only problem we eventually came up against was the fish. Dad got a walleye on his first cast and I got a bite shortly after, but after that fishing dropped off completely. Micah and I caught absolutely nothing. Dad got two walleye, but that didn’t do us any good because you can’t keep walleye in Crowduck and anyhow we were bass fishing. We got bored and left.

As I drove Dad gave me directions. But it looked like he was pointing me to the long way around some islands, and his directions had been iffy on the way in, so I trusted my judgment instead of his and got us a bit lost, but we made it okay. I briefly got stuck on babysitting duty, and then a while later dinner was ready. It was those blasted cabbage rolls. I tried to eat one, but I was a little unsuccessful, only ate most of it. Luckily there were fish and biscuits and potato stuff too.

After dinner we saw a turtle on the road. We sure have been seeing the animals this week. I saw a tame deer earlier having a bite from a box Bill puts out for it; there was of course a bear yesterday; foxes; the loons are nice and talkative. I especially like the loons. Beautiful-sounding birds.

The whole day through, everyone was plotting a surprise party for Aunt Irene, who as it turns out is 60 in a couple weeks. After a lot of sneaking around with balloons and stuff like that, it culminated in a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday” and a lot of really good cake (thanks, Tracy). Mmm, cake.

There was a gap of nothing, and then poker. I took out $2 and went down to -$9.65. Then I did a lot better than last night. I acutally won a few hands! I was still skirting the edge of staying afloat when I got some pocket Ks and played a perfect hand. I completely bled everyone of all the money I could and took about $6. Though I lost some in In-Between, I still finished with $5.20, putting me at only -$4.45.

We all walked out of the poker porch and down to The Point to look at the stars. It’s not an especially clear night tonight, but it’s a lot clearer than any of the other nights we’ve had. There were no Northern Lights, but we could still see the Milky Way. Isn’t that great? There’s no way at all to see the Milky way at home. Only here do we get that privilege. The sky was beautiful, and I took a picture that probably didn’t turn out and then just tilted back and admired it. When we were all satisfied we walked back and it was time for bed.

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I just love all your descriptions of what happened. It’s really good to see it from your perspective. It reminds me again how much fun we have been having all these years at Crowduck. Grandma


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