Permanent Marker

I have just finished starting creating my T-shirt store! It is located right here. As yet there are only two shirts there: “Think ahead” and “What do you mean it’s backwards?” As soon as I figure out how to put more on, I will do it. Rest assured, I’ve got eleven more great designs to put forth. I’m a little bit worried that it’s not possible to add more products. Hope it is.

Note: Shortened, 2017.

File under: making stuff

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Wow- I am very amused with the models on the famed Cafe Press website, especially one of the “Think Ahead” guys, the one that is casually leaning against the block-glass wall. I assume he’s Da Big Man On Campus in that oh-so-trendy alley and he gets all the ladies in that sweet “White Shirt”.

Congrats on the business.



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