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Note: Greatly shortened in 2017 to remove details, some personal but most merely boring and pointless.

[…] Ah, and I’ve gotten a comment from someone else who goes to Crowduck! It hadn’t occurred to me, actually, to meet other people who go to Crowduck. When we’re there, the rest of the people there are generally old guys on a Fishing Trip with the Guys, and we normally don’t really socialize with the people in the other cabins, I suppose because they look like they’ve got enough socializing amongst themselves, and because we’ve also got quite enough to get on with with our own large family. Plus we’re fishing a lot of the time. I did search for Crowduck one time, but I just got this guy Sam Minter (who calls himself Abulsme Noibatno Itramne – obviously an anagram of “Samuel ‘Abobanation’ Minter”), and he didn’t go to the camp, just somewhere near the lake. I’m intrigued. Where do you live? How much stuff do you take? Because we always take way too much. What week are you going this year? This is interesting!

[… An]other thing [that happened] is that just today, I biked up to Subway for an interview. The interview went like this:

“I’m Sarah. Your name is?”


“All right, [Chuck], I’m going to hire you.”

She then gave me a big old packet full of written standards of how to work, and told me to come back at 0900 tomorrow with it filled out. The packet is of varying degrees of coherence; toward the lower end of the spectrum, you have things like this: “After the meats you will then add to the bottom of the bread a generous portion of our topping’s in which are routinely placed on each six-inch or footlong sandwich, unless requested otherwise by the customer.” However, I could make out almost all of it. I have a job! And about time, too! I plan to keep this job, too. However, I do still need to confide to Sarah about the three straight week’s in which are I’ll be gone (due to band camp and then college visits plus Crowduck). I hope she understands, too. She hasn’t, technically, hired me yet, I don’t think: just given me a fat packet of stuff. Nevertheless, Mom’s taking me clothes shopping tonight so I can get some black or kakhi [sic] pants with no pockets down the side or shorts made of cotton or polyester or cotton/polyester blend that are neatly tailored, which is what I need according to the book. In the meantime, I’m hungry.

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Hopefully she will understand. I will vouch for you. Most teens have other commitments. The fact that you are dependable and can work some hours after school starts could be a plus. Hopefully she can give you hours around band.




Just one minor little thing–it’s Aunt Ellen who is coming this summer to Crowduck, not Aunt Irene, who came last year. Ah, it’s so confusing. Irene lives in Maryland, and Ellen near Chicago, where we will need to pick her up before we head west to Grinnell for your college visit. Good luck with your new job. If you work as hard for them as you did for us you will become their favorite employee ever. Grandma By the way, both Ellen and Irene graduated from Grinnell.




Re the National Geographic smell:

Would that be fish rotting for two weeks in a dry heat? Or are we talking high Ohio humidity?

What breed of fish- bluegill? bass? crappie? or plain old rotten catfish?

How about not a fish at all but a whale? Have you seen the exploding whale? I’ll try to find it.



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