Never would have expected

You’re not used to getting two posts in a row, so I will note that there’s another one underneath this one, in which I acquire gainful employment.

It surprises me how much work work is. Today I got up at 0800 and biked up to Subway at 0855 or so. I guess that clock was off from my watch, which showed when I got there that I was five minutes ahead of time. Initiative! Behh. Sarah let me in at 0858. She took me into the back room and showed me various things: first, how to clock in. Then, she gave me a sort of grand tour, and showed me how to do the bread: coat it with seasonings, and score it, and put it in the proofer (where it expands), and then bake it (which I didn’t do yet because I was doing something else by then). And she showed me cookies. They come frozen in big bags and they’re only vaguely round. But I stuck those on a pan and stuck the pan in the oven. Later, two other employees came in: Jake and Mike. She says Mike is the only guy who’s been there since she started, which was six months ago. He’s kind of lean, whereas Jake is of a wider persuasion. I learned how to slice tomatoes (core them, and then use this super-nifty slicing gizmo called imaginatively the “slicer”) and then I assembled some of those Tuscan Chicken traylet kind of things. (There’s not a lot of stress on terminology.) Then I made some sandwiches for some people, under Jake’s guidance. Now I know that a Club has two turkey, two roast beef, and one ham. Or is that a Cold Cut Trio? All will become clear. Hopefully. It went pretty well, except this one part where I was helping this black lady with a shirt that said “I.D. Please / It’s the Law”, and I had just left to Jake this lady with a small daughter, but Jake went into the back room for some reason and I went blank. The I.D. lady asked a question and I didn’t know the answer and I was looking back and forth between the two of them, and she said, “Well you asked me could you help me,” and I told her sorry, it’s my first day, and then Jake came back and all was well again. As I was clocking off Sarah talked about that for a moment, more to confirm a point she had made earlier – that 99.9% of the rude customers were for some reason black people, not to be racist or anything – than to tell me off. I clocked out and took my bike out the back door at 1233 and went home wearing my two green Subway shirts and carrying in my pocket my hat and an apron she gave me that isn’t really an apron. I can’t tell what it is. It kind of works as an apron. I didn’t wear it today, because I never put it on and nobody noticed (including me). I worked 3.47 hours (not 3h 47m, but 3.47 hours; the clock calculates it like that) and made $21.6875, which I’m not sure if they round or truncate. I think she said paychecks come every other week, but Subway weeks start on Wednesday and end on Tuesday, so I might get a check for just this week, which would include just today, and would be kind of weird.

Throughout this week I work hours that are kind of thrown around as if on a dartboard, including another open and two closes and one that’s neither. I work ’til 2200 on July 4th, so no fireworks, but what’s a fireworks show anyways? Stuff blowing up? Well, okay, it’s cool, but I just watched a fireworks show a couple weeks ago for the St Vivian’s festival. Whatever.

By the way, a thing I forgot to mention last time: I’ve been working on another font, called Salamander, but I’m going to have to find another name because that one’s in fact already taken.

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When you do nights, please don’t leave the back way. Park your bike in a lit place when you know you’ll have to leave late. Too close to G. Pointe.


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