Day 6

It rained last night while I was asleep. I got to sleep rather quick – I was tired. I got up at 1000 or so, but I figured it was a lot later than that from the way everyonr had already gotten up and left to East Gull. Since there was nobody in our cabin, I checked out Dave’s. Thus, Sierra and erin and I drew stupid stuff for a while; I listened to stuff from Gregor with Erin’s headphones; for breakfast/lunch I had bread. Later I took Sierra and Jazmin down to the beach. Micah was there on a large donut-shaped item, with which the four of us had endless fun. The addition of lifejackets for the girls also made things fun. Jazmin caught three tiny toads (actual length about 15 millimeters) and we played with those: tossing toads is fun. I went underwater at least 12½ feet one time, according to my [pressure-sensing] watch.

After that, Grandpa took me away to a place Dave had described to him not-very-thoroughly. We ended up, Grandpa says, in North Bay, in a terrific weedbed. Grandpa pulled out a pike and a walleye, but I got at least four bass, and we kept two. Dan and Tracy got back from Ritchie with two pike, but they [had] caught about 15 and only kept the damaged ones. It was a good fishing day.

Dinner was Dad’s cabbage rolls, and, though the rice wasn’t crunchy this year, I had the interesting suspicion that he deliberately steamed all the flavor away. I still ate three.

And then there was poker. I started winning, really! I think I sold back a few bucks, and then everyone got out, except three or four of us. I’d had a few good hands and a few where I totatlly bought the pot. With this small game I didn’t really go either way. And then Grandpa came back and, for a change of pace, distributed $4.00 apiece to each of the poorest players, of which group I was a member. He also kept raking in huge pots out of sheer luck, going all-in blind, taking all the chips, and then – redistributing them. I think he distributed four times, for various amounts. If he hadn’t, he’d probably be up $40 or something absurd like that. He paid his college tuition with poker money back in the day.

I took a gander at the moon – stunning – and a shower, so now it’s off to bed. I like the porch, too. Tonight it’s really windy; the breeze is terrific.

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