Feds: “Masterson Blog Left in Lurch”

I’ve been busy, what can I say? I was on trail a lot more after that last post. I ended up with a total of six trips in this whole season: my training trip, two 5-day trips, a 3-day, a 4-day, and another 5-day. That totaled 25 days (the last two overlapped – it was a turn-and-burn). And I had tons of fun. There were just a few things that could make it more fun. One is of course if there weren’t a “shoes every waking hour” policy. I mean, they could requires shoes in specific conditions, but instead they just go for zero tolerance. Shoes on even on the softest ground. Yes, I will stop grinding this ax for you guys, but it still did detract from my experience. Another thing is one that they couldn’t really do. It’s that I’d have liked some time just camping, not having to paddle several miles every day. I’m not too worried about it, though; I got a lot of upper-body exercise. Toward the last trips, I had carried so many canoes that they started to feel light. It was weird. I like being in good shape. The kids were mostly no trouble; they all seemed pretty happy to be on trail, and liked helping out for the most part. One kid talked about sex all the time, and that’s about the most trouble we had. The counselors were mostly plenty of fun too. My favorite trip was my last one, with Tim as a counselor; we went swimming all the time, and one day a kid speared a crawdad with a stick, then another kid caught a bass with his fishing pole.

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