Still alive: Ulaanbaatar

I made it safely to Mongolia yesterday, minus my raincoat, which Air China seems to have stolen. I’m not going to write about it now at full length since this is just a check-in sort of thing. (I think whenever I do a quick post like this I’ll call it “Still alive: [wherever I am]”.) But from what I saw from the plane, I’m going to really like Mongolia. That’s in the future tense because I’m still in the city, which isn’t a terribly exciting city, but it certainly has its charms as well, like the absolutely amazing band I saw yesterday (with a couple Grinnellians and a Cincinnatian). But that’s a story for later. Today I’ve got exploring to do.

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Now, you'll need to buy a yak-hide slicker. I was going to mention to you that a garbage bag folds up to take up nearly no space and can come in very handy…and the Chinese won't steal it.




I'd arranged to meet the one Grinnellian, and the other Grinnellian was in town to meet her, and so was the Cincinnatian, but we didn't discover we had a hometown in common until a few minutes into talking.

Today I got a yak wool sweater and a plastic raincoat. Maybe a garbage bag would've been a good option, but I was looking for something that would help insulate slightly better. Sort of a layering system: T-shirt, yak wool sweater, plastic raincoat. Might need improving. We'll see.

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Good to hear that you made it safely. Shame about the raincoat. Those sneaky Chinese, you haven't got along very well with them have you? Enjoy mongolia my friend, we are sat in departures, huge typhoon coming up the Korean peninsular, hopefully our flight will be unaffected. Over and out.


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