Let’s try this again.

You thought my blog was dead? My blog is unkillable.

I realize updates have been pretty darn scarce. And mostly they’ve been coming through Facebook, which I ostensibly abandoned several months ago. I had intended to enter a new mode of using this blog, where I write short things in it if I don’t have time for a full story, and when I do have time for a full story, well, I write one. Clearly that didn’t happen. But now it’s going to happen. So, from now on, instead of writing what’s going on in a Facebook status, I’ll just write a status noting that I’ve blogged here, and it’ll be up to you to come visit.

Benefits: All my stuff is in one place (right here), and it’s not being data-mined by advertisers who pay money to Facebook. Also, I have a much better interface for deleting anything I decide shouldn’t be public anymore. Not that that happens much, but it’s nice to have the option. Also, I’m more anonymous here.

Drawbacks: Probably a lot of people I know won’t bother to come all the way over to this blog to see what I wrote. I’m okay with that, because those are the people less interested in my doings anyhow. I can’t think of any other drawbacks.

Anyhow, as for what I’m doing, well, I’m chilling in Grandma & Grandpa’s house, getting ready to go meet Liam tomorrow with them for the first time in several years. This is a pretty bland update but they’ll get better. I guess I’m just not feeling up to writing something complicated about happenings in the real world after just writing something about blogging. Metablogging and real blogging seem like they shouldn’t mix. That’s all. So, expect something new every once in a while – about as often as I would normally update Facebook while traveling.

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