Why Would They Do That

On today’s edition of “Why Would They Do That”, something I found while looking up directions for a bike trip I’m doing tomorrow. The town of Lakeland, Minnesota, a little outside the Twin Cities, does not have many streets—but the city planners have chosen to make all of them impossible to remember by naming nearly half of them with something that starts with Q. Working our way from west to east, we get:

  • Quality Ave.
  • Quamwell Ave.
  • Quant Ave.
  • Quant Ct.
  • Queenan Ave.
  • Quehl Ave.
  • Quentin Ave.
  • Quinlan Ave.
  • Quinmore Ave.
  • Quinnell Ave. (That’s three in a row that start with “Quin”!)
  • Quixote Ave.

I’m sure it seemed cute and funny at the time.

File under: irrelevancies

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