I know, I haven’t written a blog post in about two months. But I’ve actually, secretly, been putting in more work on the blog than I ever have before. It’s just that it’s all programming work. Because I’ve moved the blog off of Blogger.

Why? Well, I’ll have a whole big post about that, but the short story is that Blogger is just completely terrible. But I’m not going to go into that; in fact I’m not going to go into much of anything at all right now, because it’s a preposterous hour of the night, and words cannot describe1 how ready I am to be done with this project and make a real thing. This is the both the last post in Blogger and the first regular post on the new Chuck Masterson’s Actual Blog. (And really it’s only on Blogger for the benefit of anyone who might be subscribed to Blogger somehow or another, so you see that a new post is here.)

I’m looking forward to writing a bunch of stuff, but it’ll have to wait another little while until I’ve had enough of a break from the blog; until then, have a look around and enjoy. And let me know what you think.

  1. Well, actually, I think they could, but not words that I currently have the ability to assemble. 

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Aunt E.


This looks promising! I tried linking from your Miscellaneous lists, and got to the audio of the Planets. Don’t know if there really was a video, but I only wanted to listen, and loved your observation! The links to the other 2 compositions did not work, saying something about an account associated with them being closed on the first one.

Another subject, did you see the recent Forbes article about the best college in each state? Guess what the Iowa one is!



Hi Aunt E.! So, I wrote that list a long long time ago and moved it from an old blog post to there in the miscellaneous lists. There actually was a different list there on the old blog’s “Misc.” page, which did exist. It was a list of my favorite words, and I’m not really sure why the music one replaced the words one. I’m planning to put a bit more there soon, though, and I’ll take a look for broken links when I do.


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