Interlude: Christmas List, Excuses

Yes, I am still working on writing about the rest of my summer. Yes, I am about 4 months behind. I only have one excuse: The next post has to be about the traditional Ojibwe fast that I went on, because that’s how I started my summer. But in order to write about that, I have to write about the first one I did, which was two years prior; and in order to write about that, I’ve found I kind of have to write about my entire childhood. So it’s a post I’ve been trying to get to for 2½ years, and it’s a big project.

Meanwhile, though, I have my traditional Christmas list, which I’m putting here basically because I don’t use Facebook and this way my whole family can see it. (In fact I’m only sending out my usual “new post” email to family for this one. I figure no one else will be interested. If you are, though, well, I guess you’ve come to the right place.)

The list is this Google Doc. The instructions for using it are at the top of the document—basically, it’s just a checklist, to avoid duplicating gifts. I won’t look at the document until after Christmas (probably just to delete it), so no surprises will be spoiled that way. I in no way expect to get everything, or necessarily anything, from this list. It’s here for ideas, so you know what I’d find useful in life these days.

Thanks for humoring me with a look here. I’ll be back with my usual Too Many Werds soon.

File under: acquisitiveness

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