Some Baby Pictures

Hi everyone!

Most people who are likely to be reading this already know this bit of news, although I think there may be one or two of you out there that this will be a surprise to: I’ve got a baby now.

This is the first post here in over a year, so there’s a lot of cool stuff that’s happened in my life that I haven’t written about. For now, we’re going to ignore all that stuff. I hope to be able to put together at least a brief summary of it sometime soon, in the style of the old-fashioned Christmas letter perhaps. Trust me, it’s been a heck of a year and there are some exciting stories to tell.

But for now, I’m just reawakening this old blog as a place to put baby pictures. That way I don’t have to keep filling up everyone’s inboxes with copies of all the pictures I have, and I can put them up in higher resolution, too. Yes, I realize this sort of thing is exactly why Facebook was invented, but I hope at this point we can all agree that Facebook turned out to be a bad idea and it’s about time we scrapped it.

This post doesn’t include pictures all the way from the very start of Ivor’s life back on December 26, because I’ve already emailed those pictures to most people who’d be interested—soon I want to put pictures here that go back to his birth, so this blog can be a more complete record, but for now I’m just going to catch up on the month or so since my last proper email.

So without further ado, then, here are pictures!

Misty hung up a string of bells that we had hanging on the wall. It turns out that Ivor loves tugging on them, listening to their soft jingle, and watching them wave around above him.

Side-by-side with a picture from Misty’s old scrapbook. He was almost 3 months old—we’ll get another side-by-side when he reaches the 5 months Misty was in the picture.

With our neighbor Link (age 2). When asked if he wants to hold Ivor, Link gets the biggest eyes and yells out the hammiest, “YEAaah!”

Oh hi

Drunk on milk and totally passed out

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy lunch this much?

Practicing pushing himself up on his arms.

Our racooon child dozing off.

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