Wait Who

Chuck Masterson is not my real name. I use that name here for reasons never fully explained.

This blog is a more efficient alternative to sending each person I know a handwritten letter every time I have a life event or a fleeting thought. You may find things here you like, or you may know me and want to keep tabs on me. You may also be a sociologist studying the process of creation of self in the US’s millennial generation, looking for detailed data on inner thoughts. If you are, I suggest you find a more typical data point: I design fonts and occasionally websites, walk most places barefoot, hitchhike and ride freight trains, obsessively learn word histories, know how to count to 10 in around twenty languages, forage for wild edible plants, dumpster-dive, write stories and think about what stories I would write given more time, and dream of homesteading in the country and getting to know nature like an old friend.