Some Baby Pictures

Hi everyone!

Most people who are likely to be reading this already know this bit of news, although I think there may be one or two of you out there that this will be a surprise to: I’ve got a baby now.

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Where I Live

Note: this post is unfinished. I stopped working on it partway through, when I realized it substantially repeated things I’d written about already. But before I set aside the time to get out the redundancy, I accidentally published it… so here it is. The section “The Power” at the end was meant to be about solar electricity. Perhaps I’ll finish this in some form.

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New Maps

Part of why my writing here has been more sporadic is that I’ve been working on the little projects of getting more self-sufficient. Getting a truck, fixing the truck (as I talked about in the post just before this one), building a little woodshed out of saplings and tarps, splitting wood to fill it. Another part, though, is that I’ve been laying the groundwork for my next big project. I’m starting a magazine.

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A few months ago, I found myself with a sudden longing to get a little truck. I know: it was a surprise to me too.

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On Other People's Land

Includes Summer 2019 Approximately-Reverse-Chronological Catchup, Pt. 4, sort of.

Hello everyone. How’s it going? I’ve missed you. I’m back.

There’s something about living in the country, perhaps. Since I’ve moved out here, I’ve written less here than ever before—now a little over three months since the last time I mentioned anything about my life here. In large part, I think, that’s because around here I find it so much more interesting to actually live my life than to write about it. The summertime is here! The strawberries are already done, the raspberries are passing their prime, and soon we’ll be all the way to blueberries, which will carry us straight through to September.

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No Quarter

My partner Misty is moving up to the Chequamegon Bay. The news here isn’t that we’re getting back together—we never entirely broke up—but that Misty is moving house in the middle of a global pandemic.

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Deep Island: Table of Contents

Back in August, when I started recounting my summer here, I was playing a little trick on myself. Since summer of 2017, I had been meaning to write something about the traditional Ojibwe fast that I went on that May. But at the time, I found it just too big a project to tackle, and I punted it. This past May, I went on another fast, and I knew that if I promised to tell about my entire summer, I would eventually force myself to write about the summer’s fast, which in turn would make me tell about my fast in 2017.

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