Real fast here, again

I’m in homeroom again, checkin’ up on my ’blog. I’m mainly here to post the answers to that puzzle I posited to you all last week or whenever. Here are the answers I have:

  • CH: Archaic, monarch, chemistry… there are many many of them.

  • PH: Shepherd.

  • SH: Dishonor. I knew another but I’ve forgotten it for the moment.

  • TH: Thyme. No proper nouns, so I can’t accept “Thomas”.

Okay, there you have them. Bye now.

File under: irrelevancies

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P.S.: I just noticed, after I posted that last post, that Aunt Ellen had all the answers in a previous comment. I never notice her comments. It’s kind of odd. I tried to tell you all about her answers while I was in school, but the computer changed its mind about access to my blog after I published the main post.


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