What Happened?!

I warned you a few months ago, but with my new web design skills, I just had to recast this old lump of worn-out pig iron into a gleaming steel sword. Welcome to Chuck Masterson’s Actual Blog: This-Decade Edition.

Nothing’s gone, and some cool stuff has appeared. Check out those tabs at the top. Know how there was never any good way to keep interesting stuff all in one place? Whenever I wrote a new post, everything would slide down and eventually slip off the first page into oblivion. Well, now I can keep a bunch of pages full of stuff I think deserves highlighting, and you can see those pages from the tabs.

Also, I’ve upped my photographical storytelling game with photos that pop out into what we in the business call a “lightbox”, with a caption shown so you can read a picture-story by just clicking. (That doesn’t work on old picture stories, but it’ll be how I make all my picture-heavy posts in the future. And I’ll probably retrofit some older ones, too—like those stupid ones where I resorted to linking to an outside photo album just to show the story how I wanted to.

A lot’s been happening in my life, and I’ll be writing more posts soon to catch everyone up on it. I’ve just been wanting to finish this project first. And now it’s done! Let the blogging continue.

File under: meta

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