For Standing Rock

Since I’ve been writing a bit about Standing Rock on here, and since I’m planning on going out there myself at some point, I thought I’d put this up—it seems topical.

What Standing Rock is most in need of to get through the winter is firewood. If you’re in Ohio or somewhere else far away, you probably aren’t in position to send a cord up to North Dakota. But you can donate to this fundraiser my housemate Erica made: Standing Rock Wood Processing Equipment. I’m a few days tardy putting this up and they’ve already met their $1500 goal, but I know for sure that if you were to give beyond that threshold it’d still go to the cause and do good things. I’ve been chopping wood for the group that this fundraiser is associated with, and they’re good people.

No guilt, no pressure; I don’t link to requests for money very often (never?) but I thought I’d make an exception for one that I know well, that’s small, and that’s going to something I can definitely believe in.

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