Icicles of Minneapolis

If you think you’ve seen icicles, you’re probably wrong unless you’ve been to Minnesota.

Sprout House.

Anyone looking out from the two back windows sees only a wavy wall of ice.

The icicles aren’t so big, but the iceberg they’re growing from is cause for alarm.

Roundabout art, apparently. As near as I can tell, someone filled a tire-shaped floatie with water, froze it, eviscerated it, then stacked it on frozen buckets of water.

People have to practically tunnel out of their houses this winter.

The patio at my favorite cafe looks like it’s gotten avalanched on.

Good luck with those.

I love this state.

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Ooooo I just want to Smash them!!



On a different walk (one without a camera), I saw a house where they smashed a seven-footer off and jammed it in the snow outside their entrance as a spike. Do it right and you could build a whole fortress that way. As I remember, Ashland has some pretty respectable-sized ones too…

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